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christiane dior's iconic fashion in london. but we begin with a production that's new to the hamburg opera it's the baroque opera and you're a to see directed by the legendary choreographer. who has been bad a director there for over forty five years so is it an opera or is it a ballet well actually it's a bit of both a choreographed opera if you like bending the genre a little which noir is celebrated for. with his tragic opera ofis and you really see christoph look at one time revolutionize the world of music director and choreographer john knew maya continues this revolution with his production in. the version is done as a synergy of music and dance a good sound constable will seem to says of the arts. this is all right it was but you should get the good news is that was the original idea behind this opera in
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and i think the saying is if they get a musical and the dance if they are also musical and see if you put them together you might see two contrast in types of musicality but i think that's what brooke wanted. from gluck so good voyage. in the midst of singing all fears trying to steal his lover back from the underworld is a like motif for john noir maya it's one that over the past forty years he's kept returning to developing his vision of the mist. in the mayas modern version orpheus is a choreographer and his wife you are to see his prima ballerina which raises the question just how much of noir maya is in his orpheus. think of this i think that every ballet every production i do is a piece of me if i can make a ballet about something i'm not you the advice for.
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the world. was was star russian tenor dimitri korczak plays orpheus. his wife you are to see is sung and danced by canadian soprano andrea on a churchman. john was able to work with me and to see how i move in to see what would be. what would work in this piece amongst professional company about ballet dancers. duke's opera is a tragedy with orpheus losing his lover in john wayne meyers production the spirit of your idiocy lives on through the work of her beloved choreographer house. and orpheus in the family he creates.
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and hit in the studio is my colleague david leavitt's who trained as a ballet dancer but full journalism got to him. what makes this man john noir so special well this guy is seventy nine and he's still making work that is ambitious and fresh and strong and athletic it's contemporary and classic all of the same time and by the way this guy's contract with the hamburg ballet won't end until he's eighty four years old so he's a pretty incredible person and i actually although. he's actually in america he's american but he spent most of his life here in germany which is why he felt more comfortable during the interview in german wow i haven't got that far to say now what do you think anyway of this light is his production well i love it because i think this combination of opera and ballet is so fantastic usually people are fans
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of one or the other this way it's like there's something there for everyone everyone gets to go home happy right and kudos to the opera singers for being able to dance a little and of course thank goodness that the dancers don't even try to sing because you don't want to send people to hear. now there are actually two versions of this opera orpheus and your idiocy because back in the eighteenth century the composer christopher look created one version without dance and then he created another version with dance for french audiences because they had somewhat more extravagant tastes and that's the version that no meyer has now taken for the next level here typical friendship i shouldn't i think you're going to. back that now miss ology that all fish is a musician who can chop. the trees. i gave you. but noir noir miles sorry as him
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a choreographer why is that that it's almost like it's kind of a parallel universe you've got on the one hand the real choreographer noir my who by the way is openly gay he's actually married to one of hamburg's top surgeons and then you've got his main character orpheus who some critics say he's turned into a closeted gay choreographer clearly he's unhappily married to his prima ballerina now in this version they fight she then crashes her car and dies or if it has the chance to save her from the underworld as in the ancient myth of course but robin i think you know but it doesn't go very well in this version possibly because he doesn't really love her ok now i want to change the subject now because you're not just a man who knows about the ballet but also about books in france you've been very busy with one hundred must reads the d.w.
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project about gemma classics that a translation into english now this week the old. test. now i know it because of the detectives but it's not i mean the detectives the book were the book we're featuring this week is not him in the detective it's actually not written for children at all quite the opposite it is also based in berlin it came out two years later in one nine hundred thirty one and it's about this very exciting and wild into boxer's time right before the nazis did ok david thank you very much let's see what david has in store for us. printed filth is not what most authors want critics calling their first novel but as they say there's no such thing as bad publicity in this case it was an honor definitely first in sales . it's.
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the novel going to the dogs came out in germany in one thousand nine hundred thirty one and the people who were criticizing authors definitely for adults the main character is fabiani a moralist in a world of loose morals bohemian berlin a place of artists intellectuals ordinary women who sell their bodies it's all one big rush. ten passable women were available and i slept with six of them the near future had made up its mind to mince me into sausage meat what was i to do in the meanwhile read books file the rough corners off my character earn money i was sitting in a great waiting room and its name was europe the train was due to leave in a week i knew that but no one could tell me where it was going or what would become of me fabiana eventually does find the real love but then he loses it he also loses
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his job and his best friend to suicide germany's weimar republic was also just about to come crashing down but no one knew it yet. it's astounding to see how castro describes berlin just before the rise of hitler the fights between communists and nazis the gradual decay of morals and good manners. going to the dogs was one of the books burned by the nazis but there was criticism from other camps as well that the main character fabio resigns himself to fate rather than fighting back in real life when the nazis took over. himself was by no means a resistance fighter. now christian dior is the name of one of the worlds. fashion houses the man himself started the brand just after the war and almost immediately revolutionized fashion
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with his new look he paid no attention to the gloom and austerity of post-war europe and desired fabulous clothes that went and laughed now there's currently a retrospective of his work in. london's victoria and albert museum has a good eye for fashion it's curatorial staff acquired one of dior's iconic bastards back in one nine hundred sixty. now the museum has mounted a retrospective devoted to making barry french designer and talented businessman christian dior. legacy of christian dior really he really crystallises a moment in twentieth century fashion with the new and in his name is still known globally and although he was a shy and retiring man and he really knew how to push the bra and. deal founded his fashion house in paris in one thousand nine hundred forty six and his very first collection was
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a success stars like milan or dietrich were among his first clients born in normandy as the son of an industrialist dual was not only an excellent sketcher interest micah also had a knack for successfully marketing his creations he designed a new collection for at least season and featured pair of jeans from the very start that way all those who couldn't afford his clothes could at least surround themselves with the scent of opulence. to your didn't hold back on fabric and sparkles after the great austere years of the second world war the will to do with thrilled by this return to luxury others criticized him as wasteful. the king of fashion loved the united kingdom including its food he had his first fashion show in london and nine hundred fifty one prince. says margaret was one of his clients her favorite gown bought for her twenty first birthday was by christian
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dior. this i'm missable exhibition guides the visitor through the eleven news during which do you all work as a designer and it shows the strong influence he had on his successes from the young sino wrong who took over following deals death to the current creative head madea katsuya curing. i think all the time about that because i think that we have caught you alice we can never forget that because could you i was a is a knowing about the major about these old so about half my ship is known about the dream about those like you realize this dream speak about human touch and this exhibition. and this is curious version of the boss to. do your spirit lives on and not only at his label way each of his six successes has reinvented the christiane do you. actually mission
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runs until july of vienna and there's always more information and study on all topics on our website at g.w. dot com slash culture but thanks for watching. take off. my bio. to suffering. a job to end the. season
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to give it to the son of them now and say. to him a. serial killers take some . violent robber gangs. and ugly and only prison feature of life nineteen twenty years berlin. but the criminals don't reckon with him detective superintendent came out. metropolis a couple of. seventy five.
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letters we were. when you will. see the percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship listening. audience. once upon a time there was a young girl. with a burning ambition. to become a conductor. i was a very curious child and very excited and in love with music and i would go to concerts with my parents and i always. yearned for being on stage with that musicians and being part of that magic it was a difficult trip the first girl says she was told to become doctors but this girl had other ideas and one day she really did become a world famous. among the
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thanks. to. the canary a take on t.w. . venezuela's opposition leader who has thanked major european countries for endorsing him as the country's legitimate president representatives of his fledgling administration will not travel to washington on february fourteenth to drum up aid for venezuela's ailing economy. you know and. pope francis is in the united arab emirates on the first ever trip to the arabian peninsula by intervening.


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